TIPS & TRICKS Ideas to organize your classroom communication and inspire your students to love learning.
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Embrace Your Space Start your day off right
Teacher Tip Fun activities with little clean-up
Embrace Your Space Instantly brighten up your family’s mornings!
Embrace Your Space Share inspiration
Embrace Your Space Conquer your to-do list
Teacher Tip Share plans with students
Teacher Tip Easily track students’ whereabouts
Embrace Your Space Organize Your Office Snacks
Teacher Tip Time Saving Tip
Teacher Tip Interactive learning
Care & Use Teachers love EXPO and here is why!
Embrace Your Space Fun ice breakers
Teacher Tip Easily communicate what you need
Teacher Tip Encourage your students
Embrace Your Space Fun games for the whole family
Embrace Your Space Collaborate more creatively
Embrace Your Space Use EXPO markers to organize your kitchen
Care & Use Removing EXPO markings from surfaces
Teacher Tip The gift they really need
Embrace Your Space Great substitutes for a whiteboard
Teacher Tip Organize the classroom with EXPO
Embrace Your Space Revamping the family’s chore chart
Care & Use Unwritten rules of a “Whiteboarding” session
Teacher Tip Maximize the use of EXPO markers
Teacher Tip Kick off the school year with fun gifts
Teacher Tip Build a paperless math work center
Teacher Tip Go from basic to bright with EXPO Neon
Teacher Tip Give students the confidence to succeed
Embrace Your Space Use EXPO for interactive learning
Teacher Tip Help young learners practice handwriting
Teacher Tip Let the students be the teacher
Embrace Your Space Conquer any to do list
Teacher Tip Use EXPO markers to organize
Embrace Your Space Start the morning off right with EXPO
Care & Use Get more out of your EXPO markers
Teacher Tip Using whiteboards for knowledge checks
Care & Use Remove permanent marker from the board
Embrace Your Space Stay organized with an EXPO and whiteboard