5 Ways to Use EXPO in the Classroom

No two teachers ever teach alike, or run their classrooms the exact same way. But if there’s one item they all use, regardless of grade level or subject, it’s EXPO dry erase markers.

They’re a must have, and not just for writing down assignments for class. Here are five ways to use EXPO markers in the classroom:

Notes of Encouragement

Many student desktops have a laminate coating for easy cleaning, which makes them perfect for writing on with a dry erase marker. So go ahead! Write something and leave them a nice note of encouragement. They wipe off easily with a tissue.

Laminate Anchor Charts

Anchor charts bring thinking to life. They give the “why” of learning. They visually show learning strategies, tips, and guidelines, not to mention the wonderful little touches to make them colorful and visually entertaining.

Quick Learning Checks

Hand students their dry erase boards during whole group and quickly see who is getting it and who isn’t. Have students write answers on their boards and hold them up for the teacher to see.

Save Paper

Slide recording sheets into sheet protectors or dry erase pouches. Use, wipe and re-use. It saves paper and, more importantly, having to make copies over and over.

Make To-Do Lists

Sticky notes are great, but get lost in the paper shuffle. Instead, write on your desk and keep a note of the things you've gotten done for the day.

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