Back To School Teacher’s Gifts

For some teachers, the excitement of opening a new package of EXPO dry erase markers is one of their most favorite parts about Back to School.

It's always a thoughtful gesture to give your teaching team a warm welcome, or small token of friendship on the first day back. Especially if you have a new teaching team member, the smallest note or gift can go a long way to make that person feel welcome and included.

You could always unwrap the marker set and just give each co-worker one or two markers. With six colors to choose from, you can make it personal by sending your (or the recipient’s) favorite color.

We collected one of our teachers’ favorite tips for “best practice” with their EXPO dry erase markers.

  • “No matter what the activity, I always had the same routine for getting started. The kids would have 30 seconds to “test their markers” and could draw, write, or scribble as much as they wanted. If we skipped this routine, inevitably 4 or 5 kids would interrupt the lesson to let me know their marker wasn’t writing, so figuring out which markers were low on ink BEFORE the activity was crucial.”
  • “Then there was the tricky issue of defining what “no more ink” really means. To the kids, that meant the marker wasn’t in brand new condition. For me (the person who bought the markers and wanted to save money), “no more ink” meant “completely unusable.”
  • “Trying to figure out which markers really need to be tossed and which were good for a few more lessons was just one more thing to keep track of and decide on when I really wanted us to all focus on LEARNING.”

And one more bonus about giving EXPO dry erase markers as gifts: unlike a bin of chocolate cookies, they contain exactly zero calories!