The Best Gift for Teachers: EXPO Bouquet

Keep the teacher-themed coffee mugs and homemade treats for yourself, and give your fellow teachers the one gift they really need – an EXPO bouquet!

EXPO markers are among the most frequently used supplies in the classroom, which means every teacher would be thrilled to receive a brand-new pack. And if you’ve been teaching longer than a few minutes, you know there’s nothing worse than reaching for a marker in the middle of an important lesson – and discovering that every single marker on the ledge is dry. Give the gift of EXPO Ink Indicator markers. These markers feature a clear barrel and built-in indicators, so your colleagues will never second-guess if they’ve got enough ink to effectively communicate.

Plus, with just a few extra minutes and very minimal effort on your part, you can add your own fun, clever twist to this already practical gift. It’s easy to personalize so you can easily put together something fun and unique that every teacher on your hall will love.

Here’s how to make an EXPO bouquet that’s guaranteed to make your fellow teachers feel the appreciation they deserve.

How to make an EXPO Bouquet:

Step 1: Find a basket or some sort of container to hold your bouquet. Depending on how many markers you’d like to include, use a piece of foam to hold them up, or fill the container completely so they stand up on their own.

Step 2: Draw a flower on the material of your choice and cut it out. Use card stock for sturdier flowers, or fabric for a different look.

Step 3: Cut out the flower. Use a hole-punch to cut out the center. Punch 2-3 times to ensure the hole is large enough to fit on the end of an EXPO marker. If using fabric, cut out the middle with scissors instead.

Step 4: Place the flower through the cap.

Step 5: Bundle the markers into a bouquet. Include at least five markers to ensure it looks full.

Make it personal.

Take your bouquet to the next level by writing clever messages on the petals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Thank you for helping me “bloom!”
  • Great teachers like you plant seeds of knowledge that will grow forever.
  • It’s been so much fun watching you “florist” into a wonderful teacher!
  • Not your “garden-variety” teacher.

Last but not least, be sure to write each teacher’s name on the outside of your containers. Now you’ve got a whole garden of gifts to share!