Classroom Organization And Marker Storage Tips

It’s no secret that dry erase markers are a must have classroom tool. Students use their markers all day long. Teachers tell us that whole group lessons, guided reading and math groups, partner work and independent recording use up a lot of ink!

They’re so popular, teachers are constantly having to ask families to purchase dry erase markers during back to school sales to restock the classroom.

Although students’ markers do, in fact, run out, when teachers hear students ask for a new marker, the answer is always “Prove it!” It seems that “Teacher, my marker ran out” is code for “I want the same color as my friend, but I know you’ll say no so I just blame the ink!”

A scribble certification to prove ink expiration should always be required!


EXPO Ink Indicator Dry Erase Markers feature level indicators showing full, ½ full and empty indicator lines. Not only is this a perfect example of fractions in use, it also keeps students honest.

Students have shown to love these markers. They love comparing their ink levels to their friends. It’s great for “compare and contrast” scenarios. And it increases their level of engagement.

Here are 5 tips about classroom and marker storage you'll want to know about:

  1. Stay Centered- Keep all your school supplies, from tape to pens to your EXPO Dry Erase markers in one place. Call it the Class Supplies Command Center
  2. Clean Up- Tidy up any messes, put away any toys, reset the blocks...whatever kids got out, they need to put back where they found them before grabbing a new one
  3. Marker Management- EXPO Dry Erase markers are essential to classroom learning. Keep all yours laying flat. Avoid the upright bin, which separates the ink from the writing tip, and opt for a "cupboard stash" to keep yours in.
  4. One system- Sure there's an app for that, but you only need one. Don't operate with a to-do list on your phone, a calendar in your purse and a notepad in your desk drawer. Pick just one and keep everything there.
  5. Personalize- School supply organization is often challenging for students. Keep your classroom tidy and students' supplies accounted for by encouraging order in creative ways. Washi tape is a great tool for labeling caps or try using fun socks for storage.