Decorating On A Dime

During back to school time, you want to make your classroom as festive and inviting as possible, to students and parents. This trick is to do so without breaking the bank on the other classroom items you might need.

Hand your students EXPO Neon markers to decorate your dry erase boards – and windows too. The vibrant ink writes clearly on glass, whiteboards and most other non-porous surface.


Students can create stunning art, limited only by their imagination (and the watchful eye of their teacher).

Test your desks first- if they wipe clean with a simple cloth or paper towel, students are free to start creating.

Want to make the students' work make a lasting impression? Use EXPO Wet Erase Markers. They're just as useful for drawing, lettering, and raising a little school spirit in the process. They're the perfect tool for creating charts and notes that you want to last a little longer. When you're done, simply use cleaner to remove.

 And don’t forget all the holiday occasions and other great occasions throughout the year that you’ll want to decorate the classroom for. There’s football season, Good Luck messages to various sports teams (especially middle and high schools),Halloween, Thanksgiving, the holidays, winter break, New Year’s Day, groundhog day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring break and– well, you’ll probably find other good excuses, too!