EXPO Warm-Ups To Get Your Meetings Going

It can be tough to get a conversation going in a conference room setting, especially when you have a large group of people who may not know each other very well. Instead of going around the table to introduce each attendee, use EXPO markers to kick off the meeting with fun ice breakers.

These ice breakers are fun to play, which make them a welcome break from the monotony of regular work, and they encourage team building interactions which may not otherwise occur in the office:

Two Truths and a Lie: Pass out individual whiteboards and have each attendee write down three statements about themselves. Two of them must be true, and one of them must be false. Give everyone a few minutes to write down their statements, and then go around the room and vote on which statement you think is false for each person. For best results, use chisel or bullet tip markers, which give you broader, thicker lines. EXPO ink is vibrant and easy to read even from across the room, so feel free to pass out all of the 17 bold colors available.

Hangman: Everyone knows this classic game, which makes it easy to play in large groups. Choose a secret word (that may or may not be related to the meeting topic), and challenge the room to work together to win the game. Now your meeting attendees have already worked together to solve a problem, which means they’re in a great mindset to tackle the real issues at hand.

Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament: Before the meeting starts, fill up your whiteboard with empty Tic-Tac-Toe grids, and build out a “bracket” that includes every attendee’s name. Use a chisel tip marker for big, bold lines. Once the room is full, pass out different colored EXPO markers to everyone in attendance, and go through the bracket. This is a great way for every single person in the room to connect with at least one other person, which means they’re much more likely to open up and share their ideas when the meeting actually starts.

Office Trivia: Pass out individual whiteboards and ask “trivia” questions that are unique to your company or project. This is a great, casual way to find out what the meeting attendees know about what you’re working on and what needs to be covered. It’s easy to mix it up with some fun ones (“who has the most decorated desk in the office?” or “who makes the best coffee?”) to get the room laughing.

EXPO ink is easy to wipe off of most non-porous surfaces, so think outside of the box and get even more creative by writing on glass walls, windows, or even doors. Kicking off your meetings with EXPO markers is a fun, easy way to help your team get warmed up and energized – so you can get to work on more creative and productive meetings with your coworkers.