Fun and Easy Interactive Games With EXPO

There’s nothing better for a teacher than to end up with a great group of kids in their classroom.

But even enthusiastic learners get a little tired of reading from schoolbooks.

It’s up to the teacher to provide a great learning experience, and one of the best ways to keep students engaged is to close the books and pick up an EXPO Dry Erase marker.

Teaching games can be an effective (and entertaining) learning experience for a student of any age, and for any subject matter.

Dry erase board games are effective at building interactive learning. Kids won’t even know they’re practicing their teamwork and communication skills with their peers.

Here’s a list of five fun and easy interactive white board games you can try with EXPO Ink Indicator Dry Erase Markers.

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Ask students to write a verb on the board. Something like “run” or “learn.” Then ask another student to add 1 or 2 words to the verb, and so on, until a full sentence is made.


Everyone has played this old favorite. The teacher starts out by thinking of a word, and students take turns guessing at it. The student who correctly guesses the word gets to invent the next one, and whispers it to the teacher.

Tic Tac Toe

Draw a 3x3 grid on the whiteboard, big enough to write a sentence in each blank grid. Leave a gap where the verb will go. On the side, write down 10 different verbs. Students must give the past tense of the verb in order to earn an “X” or an “O.”


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