Remain Confident in Your Classroom

Teachers tell us their EXPO Dry Erase markers are essential in their classroom learning.

  • For a quick review to check for understanding, students write answers on their personal whiteboards during a group huddle and hold them up for the teacher to see, and correct
  • For mind mapping story ideas, rather than writing a rough draft
  • For keeping score in partner games, rather than on scratch paper
  • For illustrating tricky concepts

So it’s crucial that the markers don’t run out before or during class.

That’s why teachers love EXPO’s new Dry Erase Ink Indicator markers.

They come with clear barrels to monitor level of ink left, ranging from Full to ¾ to ½ to Empty.

Knowing ink levels reduces class confusion- by preventing it all together. So if a child says he or she is “out of ink” they need to prove it.

And for teachers having to run a lesson, knowing their marker won’t suddenly go dry means they can put their focus on the lesson, not the tool.

Featured content from: Angela Watson