Keep Your Teaching Momentum Going With An EXPO Marker Wish List

As a teacher, you’re used to being resourceful in order to properly supply your classroom –without eating into your own personal budget. Asking students to bring in their own individual materials is a big help sometimes, but that often still leaves you on the hook for community supplies like tissues or printer paper. Use EXPO markers to display your teacher wish list on your classroom whiteboard where students and parents can easily see which materials you need, so you can keep the classroom’s momentum going.  

What to include on your wish list: 

Communal classroom supplies like tissues and hand sanitizer.

Don’t carry the pressure of providing the basic supplies that everyone in the classroom will use. Most parents will be happy to chip in as long as they know what’s needed. Take a look around your classroom and make a note of which items you find yourself most frequently replenishing. Then write them on the board with EXPO markers!  

Teaching supplies like printer paper. 

The price of paper adds up quickly when you go it alone. Always keep “1-2 reams of paper” near the top of your wish list, so it’s top of mind any time a parent comes into the classroom for pick-up or for a visit.  

Upgrades like EXPO Ink Indicator Dry Erase Markers. 

There’s nothing worse than standing at the whiteboard and having to go through multiple markers before finding one that actually works. Add EXPO Ink Indicators to your wish list, which feature a transparent barrel and built-in ink indicator, so you’ll always know exactly how much ink you’ve got left before it’s time for a refill. Parents are always looking to donate supplies and gifts you’ll actually use – especially around the school year– so EXPO Ink Indicators are the perfect pick

Make sure your wish list is seen. 

Create a section on your classroom’s main whiteboard, or write on glass doors and windows so parents see the list every time they walk in. Get creative with your wish list: on high-traffic days, like open-house night or holiday parties, write your requested items on post it notes, and cut them out in the shape of flowers. Then use EXPO Dry Erase markers to draw a row of flower stems on the white board and include a short message to show your appreciation. Your wish list is guaranteed to grab attention, plus parents get a convenient reminder in their pocket, and you don’t get double donations. Win win.

Bonus: making your teacher wish list with EXPO markers means you can easily add items as you need them and remove items once they’re received. Displaying it where students and parents can see means you can worry less about stocking supplies and focus more on leading impactful lessons.