About Us

EXPO | Providing the tools for effective communication and understanding

Communication isn’t just about what you say. It’s how you say it. At EXPO, we’ve built a brand designed to help people share information, exchange ideas and enable communication. Life is easier when you’re organized and prepared, and we believe the power of thinking is lost if not communicated well.

Our job here at EXPO isn't limited to how, when and what you write. Our job is to provide the best dry erase and wet erase writing tools available, to help you Teach, Learn, Collaborate, and Organize. For this reason, our products are trusted by teachers and students, parents and children, and office workers in companies big and small. We achieve that by continuously listening to consumers and studying how they interact in everyday environments. Only then can our products continue to be considered the standard for communicating clearly.

You want to feel confident, efficient, professional and successful. We want you to feel that way too. We believe the influence of great design and intuitive functionality are among the most important benefits of our writing systems. So we will continue to make products that reflect deep understanding of our users’ needs. Products that just work. Products that help you make the complicated, simple. And the simple, inspiring.

At EXPO, we’re proud to be relied upon as the provider of trusted tools for effective communication and understanding.