Dry Erase Charts for Work and Home

Life. If anything, it’s overscheduled.

Soccer practice. Client meetings. Frequent runs to school, to the grocery, to another client meeting and everywhere in between.

How do we keep track of it all?
(Surely not by email!)

If you said, “dry erase board and markers,” bingo.

Truth is, making a family calendar is pretty easy to do.

All you need are a few markers, a lot of busy people with more things to do than time to do them, and a fairly big whiteboard (after all, every square has to be big enough to fit a family's worth of activities.

Where to start? The grid, of course.

Just begin drawing a long rectangle the length and width of your whiteboard, whether that’s in the large conference room or the side of the kitchen refrigerator.

We recommend EXPO Vis-á-Vis Wet Erase Markers. Why? To begin with, calendars don’t change all that much from month-to-month.

In fact they are all very similar in length. Remember the old saying:
30 days hath September
April, June and November
All the rest have 31
Except for February, which has 28

The next four leap years? 2020, 2024, 2028 and 2032.

So now that you know the days of the month, let's get back to organizing that grid.

With your grid lines drawn, fill in the days of the week. Start with Sunday on the very left. In doing so, you'll be continuing a tradition dating to Egyptian times, adopted by the Romans, and pretty popular today.

Or you can bookend your weekend days on the far right, and start the week with Monday instead. Your choice.

Having done that, put your wet erase marker away and take out your trusty EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase marker and start to fill in the dates. Why? Because they move around the calendar a bit.

Pro Tip: If the first day of the month falls later in the week, or the last day of the month in the beginning of the week, use the blank spaces to include last month and next month, where there's room. Use different colors to visibly differentiate months.

Then you're ready to go. Start filling in holidays, school breaks, big games. And leave a space somewhere to put notes, grocery needs.

However you choose to store your markers, make sure everyone knows to position them horizontal, when not in use. Markers Caps on. That way you maximize their lifespan.