Go Back To Basics For Better Brainstorms

Here’s an idea: rather than restrict yourself and your team to working in computer programs all day, take your brainstorms offline. Use EXPO Dry Erase Markers Markers to encourage your team to present their ideas and collaborate more creatively with whiteboard meetings.

Use EXPO markers to ramp up collaboration

Picture this: Instead of hiding behind laptops or around a table, your whole team is on their feet, bouncing ideas around, and making incredible progress on a project you’ve been working on for weeks. Using a whiteboard creates unique opportunities to get more team members actively involved and helps everyone visualize ideas to get on the same page, faster.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your whiteboard meetings:


  • Don’t let one person hoard the markers. Stick Expo® Magnetic Dry Erase Markers Chisel Tip, with Eraser to the board as an open invitation for anyone to add ideas.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to a standard whiteboard. Writing on windows, desks, and other nontraditional surfaces is a great way to unleash their creativity.
  • Give everyone a different colored marker. This way you can easily see everyone’s contributions and encourage quieter teammates to add more to the board.

Best types of meetings to whiteboard

Make whiteboards your go-to meeting structure any time collaboration is key.

  • Team brainstorms – Write the central problem in the middle of the board, and invite teammates to simply call out potential solutions. Start by writing all ideas on the board, and then narrow it down.
  • Visualizing complicated concepts – Finding it difficult to organize your thoughts into one cohesive plan? Get the team together, write down every tiny detail that needs to be addressed to create a visual map
  • Building timelines – Use a white board to better visualize the team’s progress.


Does your next meeting require creative collaboration? Could you use a visual aid to help organize your thoughts and establish a plan of action? Use EXPO Markers to increase engagement and productivity on your team.