Kitchen Lists With EXPO Markers

The modern family kitchen can be a chaotic place full of activity. Make sure you never miss a beat by keeping track of the essentials that keep your house going. 

Use Dry Erase Markers and some creatively placed whiteboards or whiteboard paint to plan meals, delegate chores, and make the grocery list. 

Assign your children easy kitchen tasks to get them involved. They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when completing a task and using an EXPO marker to cross off a chore. 

Here are a few tips to help break down your kitchen needs into manageable whiteboard lists: 

Think about what keeps your family going

Kitchen Lists With EXPO Markers

Do the kids need a packed lunch every day? How many apples do we go through each week? Highlighting family essentials with your Markers helps create a grocery or to-do list that works for you.

Strategically place your whiteboards


The location of your whiteboard lists helps remind your family to use them! Are you keeping track of pantry essentials? Put  Dry Erase Markers and the whiteboard on the pantry door to keep track of low inventory essentials! 

A well-placed whiteboard can also help your little ones tackle chores. Write easy-to-follow steps for chores like loading the dishwasher – stick a magnetic whiteboard on your dishwasher and use your EXPO markers to list the chores. 

Make it Interactive

Kitchen Lists With EXPO Markers

EXPO markers can make your kitchen fun and interactive! Try leaving small notes, playing games, or writing funny doodles on whiteboards to make otherwise boring chores more exciting. 

How have you solved a problem with EXPO Markers? Use Markers to share your household hacks!