Label Food Storage with EXPO Markers

Whether you’re meal prepping for fitness, packing school lunches for the kids, or simply storing leftovers, organization is essential.

Use Markers to organize your kitchen accordingly. Safely write on the outside of plastic and glass storage containers using your own organization and label systems. It’s easy to change your mind, too – just wipe your markings away and start again on a clean slate.


Be Clear

Skip gratuitous labels that may leave you with five separate “Leftovers” containers that no one can tell apart. Simply use EXPO Low Odor Wet Erase Markers, Fine Point to write directly on your plastic and glass containers. Be concise and specific, using easily identifiable names.

Lastly, easily wipe the markings off when you need to change things up. Use your favorite colors and get creative – your pantry can be cute AND functional!


Be Efficient

As tedious as color-coding might sound, a few simple colors could turn your kitchen into a high-functioning family-feeding machine. Only you can determine what works best for you and your household, which is why it’s so important to have a flexible labeling method like EXPO markings.

Organize by content or organize by person. You can even use Markers to write short descriptions and dates directly on glassware. You can re-use containers quickly and easily simply by wiping your markings away and re-labeling them in a matter of seconds.


Save Money

How many times have you simply forgotten about the meatloaf in the back of the fridge, only to find a moldy science experiment in its place a few weeks later?

Use EXPO Low Odor Wet Erase Markers, Fine Point to write dates on your containers where you’ll see them, and always organize your fridge with older food in the front. Or, simply mount a small whiteboard or laminated piece of paper on the front of the fridge or freezer to keep an inventory of leftovers that need to be eaten. Markers make your family’s eating habits more efficient and economical.

Use EXPO markers to add some brightness to your kitchen and help you get organized in a clear, efficient – and most importantly – extremely cost-effective way.