Organize Your Classroom with EXPO Markers and Vinyl Stick-Ons

When it comes to hands-on learning, turn anything into a writing surface with vinyl stick-ons. Use Expo Markers to write directly on vinyl stick-ons and keep students engaged in lessons.

Easily wipe away markings with small rags or paper towels. You can even use small micro-fiber pads – give one to each student so they can easily erase as they go!


Getting Started

Buy large rolls of vinyl that you can peel and stick to any surface. Choose exciting colors and designs, and cut them into large, simple shapes. Or, buy pre-cut wall stickers.

Stock up on a variety of markers for your students.


Get Organized

All teachers strive for the perfect organization system. Re-organize your storage bins with vinyl stick-ons that you can write on using EXPO markers. This way, you can double color-code based on the color of the vinyl stick-on AND the color of the Expo Markers being used. During center time, give your students a clear system to identify their center stations with various colors of vinyl.


Relax about Review

Stick vinyl spots around your small group table to give students their own spaces for guided word work. Play review games where they have to recall information and write it on their spot with Expo Markers. Allow them to brainstorm on their own personal vinyl spots; they can easily wipe away mistakes and ideas they don’t need anymore.

An organized classroom is a productive classroom, and hands-on experience is the best way to learn. Use Expo Markers on vinyl stick-ons to review lessons and organize your classroom quickly, easily, and effectively.