Prolong The Lifespan Of Your EXPO Markers

The goal of every classroom is to provide an environment where every student is motivated to learn and has the tools to succeed. You always want to see a child live up to their full potential.

Actually, that last part goes for your trusty EXPO Dry Erase Markers.

Did you know that without the proper TLC, they can dry up and never reach their full potential either?

It's true! Always store your markers on their sides. Never with the cap up, which causes the ink to flow to the bottom and cause the tip to dry up before its useful life is through.

The same goes for the opposite. Cap side down. This can cause the tip to pool up. You've seen this effect before, where the marker is really wet on the board, and ink ends up on your hands after drenching the tip.

Keep your markers on the sides!

And though storing them in a cup or coffee mug is plenty handy, now you know what can happen if you do.

Class doesn't need to be disrupted because a handful of students are telling you "the ink ran dry!"

Together, we can keep the learning flowing.