Quick Assessments with White Boards

Whiteboards work in every classroom, for any student. Hand a child a dry erase marker, name the activity and watch them instantly be more engaged than with ordinary pen and paper.

Whiteboards are also handy when trying to gauge how much information a student has retained after a lesson.

  • During group time, hand each student a whiteboard to quickly see who is getting it and who isn’t. Have each student write answers on their boards and hold them up for teachers to see.
  • You can even use the whiteboards to generate a group discussion. For instance, you can have students write down a statement related to a lesson that is commonly misunderstood. Ask students to look at the question and write “True” or “False.”
  • Then when every child has finished, you can have all the “Trues” and all the “Falses” begin a dialogue about who is right and who is wrong.
  • You can also have a student write down a topic they are studying and ask them to summarize what it’s about.
  • Or have them self-assign a number from 1 to 10 to ask them how well they understand a topic you recently may have covered. You’ll be surprised at their honest answers, and how willing other students are to support each other.

The key to a smooth quick assessment is that it is in fact “quick.” EXPO’s Dry Erase markers will help with that.