Re-Energize Your Math Lessons with EXPO Markers

Want to make math class the best part of the day? Use Expo Markers to engage your students in math lessons both on their own desks and on the whiteboard. These hands-on lessons will get your students so excited about math!

Give Everyone a Front-Row Seat

Bring the lesson into each individual student’s personal space with Expo Markers – they can write directly on their non-porous desks and learn at their own pace.


Addition and Subtraction – Students will love drawing picture graphs to practice counting or adding numbers together.

Coin Counting – Play games in which the students draw circles on their desk and move certain amounts of money inside or outside of the circles as fast as they can.

Number Lines and Negative Integers – Help older students grasp the concept of negative integers by having them draw number lines at the top of their desks in EXPO Low Odor Wet Erase Markers, Fine Point. The markings are sure to last and your students can physically touch the number line as they understand the concept. At the end of the lesson, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the ink away!

Let Them Learn in Groups

Use Expo Markers to engage students in a group setting.


Competitions – Divide the students into teams and draw lanes on the whiteboard; each time a new equation is shown, one representative from each team should solve the problem!

Graphing – Ask the students crazy and creative questions, and graph their responses together on the whiteboard as a group.

Learning Targets – At the beginning of a lesson or unit, draw a huge target on the whiteboard with three ‘levels’. Ask every student to write their initials on the target to show their progress. At the end of the lesson, they can easily see their progress as they re-write their initials closer to the center of the target!

The best part? All of these lesson ideas are mess-free! Simply wipe away your markings when you’re done. Equip each student with their own EXPO Dry Block Eraser, Soft Pile so they can erase as they go.

Make math class the best class of the day with the help of Expo Markers.