Think Outside of the Whiteboard with EXPO Markers

Want to keep your teaching momentum going beyond the whiteboard? Visual learning is proven to help improve student comprehension, retention, and critical thinking skills, so it’s extremely important for teachers to use graphs, diagrams, and other visual aids in the classroom. EXPO ink can be used on smooth, non-porous surfaces (including most plastics, glass, and metals) which means you can easily open up a world of new, interactive learning opportunities for your classroom.


Use EXPO markers to write on windows.

Students will get a kick out of unconventional lessons written on the windows. Use EXPO Markers to trace weather patterns right where students see them. Use big, bold EXPO Markers that are easy to see from across the room, even on transparent surfaces. The unique experience of lessons taught on a window will create a lasting memory, and the concepts will be more likely to stick.


Create your own individual student whiteboards.

Individual study time is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement in the classroom, and EXPO Markers make it more fun than ever. Simply slip a blank sheet of paper into a page protector, and have your students keep it in their binders.

DIY Classroom Tip: Laminate scrapbook paper, and put it into a fun frame. Now your students have their own, personalized whiteboards that are sure to increase productivity and innovation.


Or use EXPO markers to write directly on tables and desks!

Create even more excitement and innovation by allowing students to “graffiti” their own non-porous desks! Keep a separate set of EXPO Markers for students, and allow them to work out math problems on their non-porous desks. EXPO Markers make it easy to wipe away mistakes, and it’s way more fun than working on regular notebook paper. It’s a good idea to give them a couple of minutes of free drawing time at the beginning of the lesson, and then make it clear that it’s time to get to work.


Use EXPO markers to label your classroom supplies.

Write directly on hard non-porous classroom furniture like filing cabinets to speed up your own productivity in the classroom. EXPO ink on hard non-porous classroom furniture is easy to read even from across the room, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, faster. Label any furniture with a non-porous surface, or laminate small squares of paper and tape them to boxes and bins. EXPO markings makes it easy to quickly edit and rearrange your labels on the fly, so you’ve got total command over your classroom.

Don’t let your teaching success stop at the whiteboard. Use EXPO Markers to write on multiple surfaces and increase learning and productivity in your classroom.