Use EXPO to Motivate the Office

Some offices go all out with elaborate corporate events or bringing in motivational speakers to boost morale. Those can be highly effective once or twice a year, but they’re not exactly practical for every-day office motivation. Use EXPO markings to share inspiration and keep spirits at an all-time high in your office – in a much more cost-effective and engaging way.


Create a motivational whiteboard to inspire coworkers across the whole office.

Start a new office tradition: Motivational Monday, and keep your coworkers guessing about what will be on the board each week. Alternatively, invite the whole team to participate and rotate who gets to write the motivational message each week. This is a great teambuilding activity, as your coworkers can get to know each other better simply by noticing what kind of quotes they write.

Tip: Get creative, and use vibrant colors to help your messages cut through the office noise. EXPO Markers offer a wide variety of loud colors that are guaranteed to grab your coworkers’ attention without compromising professionalism.


Use EXPO markers to encourage, inspire, and educate your coworkers.

Go with classic inspirational business quotes from people like Thomas Edison or Coco Chanel, or get creative by bringing in inspiration from someone like Jimi Hendrix or Jerry Seinfeld. Include quotes from your own company’s leaders or even lower-level employees. The simple act of letting your coworkers know that you believe they can achieve something is a powerful incentive for them to try harder and reach higher goals.

Use the whiteboard for team shout-outs when someone deserves wider recognition. Seeing their names on display will make them feel valued and rewarded, and it provides an easy incentive for others to work hard and be recognized.

Use the whiteboard to promote your company culture. Write one of your company’s values in large letters on the board with a brief definition of what it means to live up to it. Invite your coworkers to add to the definition by writing related words around the board. Try this exercise every week to encourage everyone in the office to constantly think about what behaviors your company rewards most, and use EXPO Markers to turn it into a fun team building activity. The whole office will be working together to define your values as a team.


Place your motivation board strategically in the office.

If a motivational message is hidden in the back of the office, does it really make an impact? Absolutely not. Place your whiteboard at the entrance of the office, in a popular break area, or even in the direct eye line of employees’ desks. Go big, and fill up full-sized whiteboards with your messages. EXPO’s bold colors make everything you write look bright, vibrant, and easy to see from a distance.

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