Whiteboard Do's And Don’ts

Whiteboards. Invented in the 1960s (the first ones were made of a type of steel), came into popularity in the latter half of the 90s, as lighter, less expensive materials came along.

As with anything business-related, today’s Whiteboard sessions come with a few unwritten rules.



Here’s just a few.

  • Use as much whiteboard as you need, but once you’re through make sure to erase it.
  • If it needs to stay up as part of work-in-progress, write “DO NOT ERASE” in the area along with an expiration date you feel comfortable with.
  • Put the caps back on your EXPO Low Odor Markers when finished.
  • Store your EXPO Low Odor Markers by laying them flat. Don't risk your markers drying out by storing them with the caps facing up.
  • Use Expo Whiteboard Cleaner (available in sprayers or towelettes) to clean set-in ink stains.