Who’s Out?

At all times during the school day, you are accountable for the whereabouts of the children who have been entrusted to your care. In addition to following the class’s daily schedule minute-by-minute, teachers must keep up with individual students as they leave the classroom at various times and for various reasons.

It costs time and money to make an old-fashioned hall pass, and those will likely just get lost after the first week of school anyway. Take control of your hall passes by adding a ‘Who’s Out?’ section to your white board with EXPO Markers. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll more accurately stay accountable for your students’ whereabouts.


Make a Chart or Checklist

Use strips of masking or electrical tape to mark off small squares on your whiteboard, or draw your own lines. Use EXPO Markers to label and color code each square with a specific location (Restroom, Water, Nurse, Office). Leave a large section at the top to show who is “In the Room.” You can even make a box labeled “Absent Today” to take attendance quickly and easily each morning.


Added Bonus – EXPO Markers Helps You Manage Your Classroom

Eliminate that pervasive question, “Can I go to the bathroom?”. Teach students to wait until the space is clear before writing their name on the board to go to the restroom. This will promote self-management, patience, and even cooperation among classmates. Add an element of accountability for older students by writing the time that they leave. They will be sure to return to class at a reasonable time.

Use EXPO Markers to keep track of your students, and give yourself one less thing to worry about.