Family Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart

In the home, accountability is measured in little chores. Was the dog fed? Did the kitchen trash can make it to the curb? Has everyone cleaned their room.

But without an official system in place, those responsibilities can fall by the wayside. (Much to your child's delight, we suspect).

Could your family use a whiteboard chore chart?

They're highly effective at giving kids things to be in charge of. They can be easily rotated for fairness reasons (washing the dishes isn't quite as fast as trash removal, we have to admit).

And as an unexpected bonus they also put a little positive peer pressure on siblings to keep up with each other.

Plus, kids can use it to "earn" things like video game time, money to buy popcorn at the movie, or a little leeway for whatever comes up.

Put their names, chores and any grid lines in with an EXPO Wet Erase marker, which won't erase as easily, like a dry erase marker can.

Fill in their names and corresponding check marks with your dry erase marker.

You can use emojis, stars, or your initials. Chore charts work for every member of the family.

EXPO dry erase markers are available in many colors. Take a moment to find one of those fun colors that comes in an eight-pack.

That way, a clever teen can't mark his or her chore “done” without having access to your special approval color.

Another idea is a removable, reusable label, or if you happen to have a magnetic whiteboard, a unique set of magnets.

Little kids love to see their favorite characters. It makes them feel like the REAL character personally recognized them for cleaning their room.

And here's a pro tip:

Store your dry erase markers on their sides. If stored “tip up” they’ll run dry. If “tip down” they can pool up, leaving blotches.

If they do dry up, there are a couple methods you can try.

Click the link here to see how to bring markers back to life.